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iPhone 5 review (Comp Sc Practical)
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 | 0 comments
A few days ago, Apple finally got round to sending journalists an invite to the launch of its new handset, with the iPhone 5 launch officially pegged for Sept. 12 at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 1900 CEST or 1800 BST (6pm).
And then we finally got the announcement we'd been waiting for...
The iPhone 5 offers a larger screen, 4G connectivity and a slightly tweaked design. The new iPhone - the world's thinnest smartphone at 7.6mm - is made entirely of glass and aluminium, something Apple says is "unlike anything we, or anyone in the industry, has made before."
Read Apple announces new iPhone 5 for the full story.
iPhone 5 review

But what is the phone actually like to use? It's the the size, design and shape that will win the most admiring glances, while the materials used keep that premium Apple feel. The screen is fantastic and iOS 6 brings with it a wealth of new features.
Check out our hands on: iPhone 5 review for the full details.

iPhone 5 specifications

It's the first Apple phone with 4G, it has a bigger screen than earlier versions and looks pretty much like the leaked versions we saw, and we have the full details and specs in the link below.
iPhone 5: everything you need to know

iPhone 5 release date

So you want one. When can you get one?
In the U.S., the iPhone 5 is coming to coming to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, from $199-$399.
Our story Apple iPhone 5 coming to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint has everything you need to know.
In the U.K., we've spoken to EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Three and Virgin Mobile to get their answers.
Check out iPhone 5: when will you get it? for the U.K. release dates as they come in.
TechRadar has joined forces with uSwitch to bring all the latest iPhone 5 pre-order deals from all the UK networks right to your inbox. Sign up here.
iPhone 5 will have nanoSim

By the way, Apple neglected to mention that the new iPhone 5 will come with a nanoSim during the product announcements on Sept. 12.
The smaller SIM card will be up to 40 percent smaller than previous designs, (12.3 millimeters x 8.8 millimeters) and allows for phones to be even thinner than before.
Read more about the iPhone 5's inclusion of nanoSim
US to get CDMA and GSM

Apple announced on Wednesday that the new iPhone 5 will ship in either a CMDA or GSM model in the U.S.
This doesn't affect pricing for the new handsets. Right now prices for the iPhone 5 range from $199 to $99 depending on the data.
As for the U.K. and Germany, these countries are only getting a single GSM model.
Read more about the the CDMA vs GSM
iOS 6

At Apple's WWDC 2012 event in early June we learnt a lot more about iOS 6, but there was no hardware (well, apart from new Macs). But now we have an iOS 6 release date and we've updated ouriOS 6: everything you need to know article.

iPhone 5's redesigned EarPods

Apple has finally done away with the round earbuds that never really stayed put in iPhone 5 owners' ears.

Today, iPhone maker introduced the new and improved "EarPods." These new headsets took three years to develop and are designed to fit comfortably in your ear in addition to delivering better sound quality.

Sumber :: techradar.com

Nota kaki :: The EarPods is sooo stunning ! Mahh Gawdd :/

International Qur’anic Open University
Wednesday, July 11, 2012 | 0 comments

Qur’anic Psychiatry
“And We have sent down in the Holy Qur’an that which has healing and mercy for the believers.” (Holy Qur’an)
For the first time in the history of medical science and the world: A scientific demonstration of the healing powers of the Holy Qur’an based on the El Gilani Methodology, in healing incurable mental diseases, conducted before a team of international researchers in Taif, Saudi Arabia (1976-77), once and for all disproving the baseless, pseudo-scientific theories of modern psychiatry and Freudism. Includes a report of the revival of a brain-dead patient in Germantown Hospital, PA, USA.
Unprecedented in medical History! Establishment of the first Institute of Qur’anic Therapy!
Healing through the Holy Qur’an has begun under scientifically controlled conditions for the first time in the world. A complete wing has been established in the Shahar Mental Hospital, Taif, where this type of therapy is being practiced. This project commenced last month under the supervision of a group of qualified doctors headed by Dr. Osama Radi. They heal various conditions through selected [lines] of the Holy Qur’an. Dr. Mubarik Gilani is the physician who has formulated Qur’anic Therapy. Dr. Munir Jaber is the assisting general physician and Professor Abdullah Tooyail controls the investigations’ developments and serves as the project registrar. Mrs. Elahi Daj is the project nurse. Another group of doctors and nurses are cooperating with the members of this undertaking.
Invitation to the Islamic Ulema and Ummah
Healing through the Holy Qur’an: This was the topic on which Sheikh Saleh bin Lehyan lectured last Monday, where many notables were present. This topic, for the first time, opens ways of such scientific investigations. The Honorable Sheikh has removed successfully all the doubts which were raised by some people about this therapy. Following this, details of the formation of the new project laid down a month ago in Shahar were narrated.
Al Nadwa reporter Hamaad Al Salmi wrote:
“I was thinking after the lecture that though this type of therapy has been known since the days of Rasulallah (sallallahu alayhi wasalaam), what would be its shape nowadays? Before I could put my question, Dr. Osama Radi announced that whosoever participated in the experiment should cooperate with the medical group to whom it has been assigned. But when would this wing be established? When would the healing start? What would be the results? What type of diseases would be cured? I asked many such questions, as I was eager to receive their immediate reply.”
Patient Suffering From Continuous Bouts of Epilepsy Healed Through Holy Qur’an
A person suffering from severe bouts of epilepsy, for one full month was rendered speechless, nor could he take any foods or liquids. He was unable to walk or attend to his own hygiene. With the first treatment of Qur’anic therapy, he showed immediate improvement. After the second treatment, the patient was able to speak and take meals. Normally, the conventional treatment for such a condition, with the use of electric shock and medicines, would take up to one full year to show improvement, yet this patient became normal in some weeks time. By the virtue of Allah’s Might, and the effect of Wisdom contained in the Holy Qur’an, clear results were achieved.
Experiment Conducted on Two Trees
During my visit to Pakistan, I met a friend of mine, Dr. Mubarik Gilani, who is a physician in the project. He conducted an experiment before witnesses, myself being one of them, using two plants of the same species in the same soil. Dr Gilani thereby recited [lines] of Holy Quran over one plant and something else over the other plant. The plant over which Holy Quran was read grew to double the size of the other in due course of time, although their nurturing and care was identical. This experiment concluded the demonstration of the effects of Holy Quranic [lines]on other living things.
How this Began
Dr. Osama Radi states “From 24th to 26th Safar, 1396 A.H., experimentation commenced in Cairo following an in-depth study at a conference sponsored by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) whereby the significance of Quranic Therapy was recognized. The resolution was adopted to continue research in this method of healing and present the findings at the next conference , InShaAllah. We were to present modern literary, scientific means to continue research, so that its discussion becomes reasonable.”
” Dr. Mubarik Gilani received many invitations from American institutions and universities while he was in Pakistan. These invitations were extended with the intent that he would continue his research development abroad.Dr. Osama further elaborated “He (Dr. Gilani) wrote to me regarding going to America and completing the experiments there. I instructed him to carry on (at the institute in Taif). He is therefore working solely for Allah’s happiness, and is not taking any fees or salary.”

A Case of Chronic Madness
What are the states of chronic madness, and how can they best be healed? Foremost, chronic mental disorders and madness alike are subject to relapse if the patient discontinues the therapy or leaves his specialized outpatient treatment. In the case of one patient previously diagnosed as insane, Dr. Gilani read [lines] of Holy Quran over him and ordered the patient’s doses of medicine to be reduced gradually. At present, the patient has shown remarkable improvement and is completely drug- free. The patient had undergone extensive treatment with drugs, but displayed only insignificant changes in his behavior. The patient remained in a constant state of fear, which drugs did not relieve. These symptoms dissipated with each treatment of Quranic Therapy, allowing the patient to resume a happy life.
Dr Gilani’s Open invitation
Anyone who desired to witness demonstrations of the Quranic Therapy were invited by Dr. Gilani to visit the wing in Shahar Hospital specially established for the experiments. Dr. Gilani was confident in welcoming observers to witness and document the state of each patient under his care, before treatment and afterwards.

El Sheikh Gilani is declared in S. Arabia, Imam of Quranic Science. The following is the tribute paid to him, in the form of a poem, by one of the Egyptian doctors at a large meeting in Taif:
“My apologies, I have now forgotten scholars.
For him, on the wings of treatment with the Quraan he soars.
With the Quran in Gilani’s right hand and with the permission of Allah he gives peace to minds that are sick.
For every illness an ayah of Quran he recites, glory be to the One Who gives life to bones that have decayed.
And if the pioneer of treatment with knowledge is Usaama, then the leader in treatment with the Quran is Gilani.”–Doctor Rushdi Hassan Mahmud 
(Translated into English by IP Editors) 

Computer Science Practical Class !
Wahh, title tak tahan. LOLOLOL. Yea, I'm cureently in Computer Lab doing task(S) given by the lect for comp sc practical class. And guess what? I was kinda surprised when he said ..

"Memandangkan kamu dah laju daripada silibus, so saya nak kamu buat task untuk sem 2. Which is, create a blog."

I was like .. Blog? :O Muehehe, no need. I do have my own blog oledy :D
So I ask him, kalau dah ada blog camna? He said post an entry yang islamic sikit. Err, islamic? :O
Hikhik, so my next entry would be something islamic okay people . LOLOLOL macam pelik ja aku nak post entry yang macam nih. Dalaa blog aku nih serabai ja.

My lecturer said, do refer to my blog about that islamic post. And I was like ... lol Encik Nazri pun ada blog? Okay fine. Lecturer KMK pun maju hokayy?! Wahaha, bila bukak blog dia and dia cerita laa sikit-sikit pasai entry dia tuu and he said dia dapat cerita dari blog or site mana tah. Means? Dia copy ja! Okay and I ask him boleh ka copy ja? Dia cakap boleh. Perghh, heaven aa apa lagi. Senang ja kot. Just search and copy and paste ! Easy aite? lol

As I still don't know what to post, and what I do whenever I login to this site ... Blogwalking lahh ! What else? HAHAHA
But I think I have to start doing my task now. And I should end this serabai + mengarut entry.
Till then, Chiao ! :D

Cita-cita atau masa depan?
Tuesday, May 22, 2012 | 1 comments
Cita-cita? Engineer of course. Masa depan? Jaminan kerja. If you guys were in my shoes, which one hampa akan pilih? Cita-cita yg belum tentu akan dapat jaminan or masa depan yg dah memang terjamin? Hmm

Seriously aku dalam dilema. Sedih aih macam ni. Aku dah prepare semua kot nak pi Matrikulasi tuu. And just now, aku dapat text message from PPUM (Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya).

Tahniah anda terpilih mengikuti program  Diploma PPUM. Semakan tawaran akan diumumkan di laman web ..... pada 25/5/2012. Tarikh lapor diri 24/6/2012.

The thing is aku dah bayar yuran for Matrikulasi tu. Takkan tak pi. Nanti burn macam tuu ja. Rugi la. Kesian Mak nanti. Wuu
Plus macam mana nak belajar nanti kalau tak minat? Seriously aku tak expect pun nak dapat PPUM ni sebab masa interview tuu sumpah macam apa entah. Haha, lawak ah kalau ingat balik.

Tapi alhamdulillah rezeki aku kot that's why dapat. Well, Atiqa pun dapat. And dia mungkin pi sebab her Dad galakkan. Yalaa, bapak kerja Klinik Kesihatan mesti laa nak anak jd macam dia. Lagipun PPUM ni memang dah jamin kerja though diploma ja kan. Tapi nanti terus kerja dengan PPUM.

That's why kalau tak pi rasa macam rugi pulak. Nanti pi Matrikulasi tuu susah nak kena cari kerja lagi semua. Aku sangat tension. Aku nak jadi engineer bukan nurse. Acano ni? Mohon bagi pendapat :'/
Sekian .....

Aku takut kalau aku pi PPUM tu nanti takut niat tak betoi disebabkan perkara-perkara tertentu. Hmm

Should I accept this? :/
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 | 3 comments
Haii. Lama kan tak update. Saja bawak diri. Ehh? Haha, pun boleh.
No actually malas je. Lagi pun busy fikir pasal nak further study mana. tension kot. Haiyaa.
And now baru je dapat offer. Tak tahu nak terima or tak . HELP MEEEEEEEE :'/

Actually aku minat gila gila gila course ni. Tapi tu laa. UniKL even under MARA tp still private kan. I mean IPTS. Sebab tuu la. Taktau nak terima ke tak . seriously dalam dilema :|
Ya Allah, helep meee :'/ Ingatkan nak tunggu UPU dulu tapi tapi tapi, due date tuu 27hb ni. UPU pulak 7May baru keluar results . Tralalala *hentak kepala kat dinding*

Sekarang ni just fikir nak buat solat istikharah je laa. Susah sgt nak pilih :'/

#6 Wordless Wednesday : And this phrases attracted me !
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 | 0 comments

Lama gila dah baru nak menaip :DD
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 | 4 comments
Assalamualaikum semua .

So hawauyu? Haha, lama betol aku tak menaip dekat blog niy . I mean menaip secara panjang dan lebar . LOL
Aku pon sebenarnya not really sure why aku malas nak menaip panjang panjang . Malas maybe? Or busy? Haha busy ke aku masalahnya? LOLOLOL :D

19 February 2012 ! Yes , this is the tarikh where I've go for my Kelas Komputer . 
Nahh, lama gila dah kan? It's almost sebulan baru nak menaip pasal ni . Itu pun setelah memaksa diri . Haha, terok lah aku ni .
Err by the way . nothing much pon nak story about this . But then this class agak menarik laa. Err, kinda bermanfaat . But then rasanya dia just ajar yang basic ja. And kebanyakannya aku + kawan kawan aku ni dah tau pon . Haa

Kelas ni was organized by Pusat Jalur Lebar Komuniti . And it's all free of charge . Dalam satu kelas cuma 9 orang ja. Yang pi tuu Aku , Eylah , Sherah , Nabilah , Nadya , Azhari , Jol and Nabilah's cousin which is my friend when I was in primary school :)
Well, actually kami join kelas ni just sebab CERTIFICATES and untuk mengisi masa yang terluang dgn melakukan perkara perkara yang lebih bermanfaat . Cewwahh ! Ayat nak formal baq hiang . Haha

Well, sepanjang kelas komputer ni berlangsung lah kan aku rasa aku dan Eylah ja yang banyak cakap + bertanya. Haha, kawan kawan aku ni memang pemalu pon . Tau dah . Kami ja yang tak tahu malu . Bhaha, but abang yg jd tutor tuu sangatlah sporting . Siap nyanyi-nyanyi lagi depan kami *sighing.gif* 
Dah laa dia suka nyanyi secara tiba tiba. Tokojut Mak Jemah . Haha, apa apa pun thanks sebab sudi ajaq kami naa. And thanks for being so sporting with us :)

Them :)

She is the best partner ever . I mean Le Crazy Partner :D

And she is the one who's getting too hook up with FLA . FLA as in Fatin Liyana Asri ya anak anak . Hewhew

Masa kelas ni kami telah dipaksa untuk memasang bendalah bendalah seperti gambar di bawah. Serious best doe. Haha

The menatang alah apa I also dah lupa :D

Serabut betei dengan wire tuh .__.

This is how it looks bila dah siap setup :)

Lepas ja habis kelas komputer ni . Aku teruih sok goyang kaki lg kat rumah. Back to normal lah konon. Puihh, so boring ken dai you know? Haishhh, aku sendiri taktau kenapa aku malas nak kerja .____.

Err, by the way. Doakan saya yea? I am going to face something really soon. Which is .... SPM RESULT ! Okayy aku sangatlah cuak. Ya Allah ... Doakan saya ya :) *cuteface.jpg* :D

Ya Allah , kurniakan lah Nuraini Wardah dan rakan-rakannya keputusan yang cemerlang dan semoga kami dapat membanggakan ibu bapa kami serta guru-guru kami Ya Allah. Aamiin ya rabbal alamin :) *terima kasih !

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